If it's a simple breakdown of how much does house clearance cost ? Then your in the right place see below to see a full list of our clearance price list.

How much does house clearance cost?

How much does house clearance cost ?

Prices below for how much does house clearance cost are based on a standard house clearance with a 3 man team.

Is labour included ?

All labour is included with every quote there is never any extra labour charges however tricky the clearance may be. Check out our gallery to view some before and after photos. GALLERY 

Do you charge for each item removed ?

The simple answer is NO, we clear absolutely everything for our customers we can clear out cupboards go into lofts emptying properties is what we do. Everything is included with in every quote.

Is there any extra cost for certain items?

We try to include everything with in our quotes but there are a small number of items that we charge extra for as they are our biggest cost when recycling. The items are mattresses and fridge freezers. (See below for cost)

Price List

House clearance 1 load

For a general house clearance the price starts at £395 this includes 3 man team a large luton furniture van and a full van load cleared, generally a 1 bedroom flat or bungalow is cleared within 1 load.

House clearance 2 loads

On some occasions a clearance will take more than 1 load the price for a second load will be £295 plus the price of the first takes the total to £690 this price includes all labour and the disposal of your items. Most house clearances are cleared with in 2 loads.

House clearance extra loads

For more cluttered properties or hoarded properties these obviously will require extra loads for every load after the original first load will incur a cost of £295 for each extra load.

£295 (after first load)

Extra charges

Items below are charged as an extra as the government has brought strict recycling guidelines out on certain household items.